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Pauli Antoine is an international expert on image and etiquette training, featured by Female Network as one of the “100 Amazing Filipinas 2013[1]” for her dedication to the art and science of imaging and etiquette instruction. She is the Founder and President of Etiquette de Manille and Red Archon.

As a resource on image and etiquette matters, Pauli Antoine has been widely interviewed by notable publications such as Business World, Smart Parenting and Female Network on popular topics including etiquette revival,[2] cyber-etiquette,[3] confidence building[4] and proper grooming.[5]

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from St. Scholastica’s College in Manila, she completed a specialized training program in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Charterhouse Hotel in Causewaybay, Hong Kong, and a Food Safety and Sanitation course in Maryland, USA.

She became a successful hotelier and received recognitions from the Hotel InterContinental Manila for excellence in guest service relations. She conducted extensive training for Philippine Airlines. She has been an image model for PAL Mabuhay Miles and the One by One in-flight service since 2001.

She is a graduate of John Robert Powers International and is part of their current roster of trainers.[6]

She has been a regular columnist since 2009 of F&B World Magazine’s Front of House on “Redefining Service Etiquette and Protocol.” Her published articles include: “The Romance of Genteel Tea Leaves,[7]” “Redefining Service Etiquette & Protocol for the Restaurant Age,[8]” “Putting the Carte before the Course,[9]” “The Titanium Rule to Haute Etiquette[10] ” and “The Prelude to Fine Service.[11]

As a community builder, Pauli Antoine is an active fundraiser and staunch advocate of the “Happy2Help” Charity Group[12] and the Philippine Red Cross. She generously shares her teachings with communities[13] and private organizations.

Given her background in the business arena and hospitality experience, Pauli  Antoine has a personal passion to assist businesses in raising their bottom line. She addresses important areas such as etiquette, people skills and first impression, all vital to building every company’s most important asset — People.

Her highly-acclaimed programs focus on:

Savoir-Vivre  (ˈsævwɑːˈviːvrə)  living a beautiful life

Service Etiquette . Platinum Customer Service . Afternoon Tea Etiquette . Wine Etiquette . Corporate Visual Impact . Business Dining . Event & Personal Styling . Social Graces . Personality Development . Visual Poise . Image Enhancement and Make up .  Wardrobing and Style .


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