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Tasting Notes by Pauli Antoine

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Masterclass with WSET at ProWine Asia


WINE & SPIRIT EDUCATION TRUST, WSET  is regarded as the international standard in wine and spirit education for professionals and enthusiasts.

When you are buying wines, what does the seller mean by  “well-balanced” and how do you check that?

The language of wine: a Systematic Approach to Tasting by Jude Mullins DipWSET – International Director, WSET

Jude Mullins guided us through the language of WSET’s Systmatic Approach to tasting, which is increasingly becoming the language of the international wine professional. At the masterclass of Mullins, we identified the key characteristics of particular wines and how to describe those characteristics at the right level.

For a systematic approach to tasting wine, you start with the right questions—

Here are some ways of questioning. Example: What is the appearance of this wine? Clear or Hazy? What is the intensity of this wine? Pale or Deep?

WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine

  • Appearance – clarity, intensity, colour
  • Nose – condition, intensity, aroma, characteristics
  • Palate – sweetness, acidity, tannin, body, flavour, characteristics, finish
  • Conclusions – quality


  • clarity – clear – hazy
  • intensity – pale – medium – deep
  • white wine – lemon – gold – amber
  • rosé – pink – salmon – orange
  • red – purple – ruby – garnet -tawny



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